Smart Thermometer

The flexible smart thermometer, Temp Sense model TS101, is a battery-operated electronic device with intended use of measuring human body temperature precisely.

The TempSense, Model ST101 device functions to transmit continuous measurements of body temperature wirelessly to a mobile app.

The TempSense app is compatible with Wireless 2.4G Bluetooth BLE enabled smart devices running Apple operating system iOS 7.1 through 8.1 or Android operating system 4.3 through 4.4.4.

For hygienic reasons, each patch has a single use and the battery lasts up to 48h. Each box has 2 paches/thermometers.

Technical Specification

  • Flexible Thermometer , thin and confortable to wear
  • Supporting up to 48 hours continuous temperature measurement
  • Dimension: 40mm x 100mm x2.2mm
  • Applicable position: Armpit
  • Measurement Range: 25 ~45℃
  • Response time: ≤5minutes to achieve temperature balance
  • Stability:≤±0.1℃/year
  • Communication:Blue tooth 4.0
  • Work distance:6 meters
  • Operation time : ≥24h standard mode ; ≥48h Smart mode
  • Durability: single use (disposable) for reasons of hygiene

Product Advantages

Product Manual

1. Download and install the TempSense App from Apple AppStore for iPhone or go to, scan QR code to download and install.

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