Opinião das Utilizadores

As dores menstruais fazem as mulheres odiar os dias de período e são também um dos principais motivos para o início da toma de contraceção hormonal entre as jovens. Eu fui um caso desses apesar de todos os inconvenientes que a toma da pilula diária traz! Agora com 25 anos as minhas dores menstruais não são tão frequentes mas ao utilizar Livia, apenas durante 15 minutos e aumentando a intensidade gradualmente, as minhas dores desapareceram, apesar do ligeiro formigueiro que se sente. Apesar de não ter dores menstruais todos os meses, quando tiver, vou usar o meu Livia.


Ao utilizar o Livia, as minhas dores de barriga desapareceram em segundos e, depois de ajustar várias vezes a intensidade dos impulsos elétricos de modo a encontrar a ideal para mim, mal os sentia, esquecendo-me mesmo que estava a utilizar o Livia. Retomei a minha rotina normal como se não tivesse com o período, coisa que não aconteceria se não estivesse a utilizar o Livia, dado que as dores de barriga me levariam a ficar deitada mesmo depois de tomar algum medicamento, pois, enquanto os comprimidos apenas aliviam as dores, o Livia elimina-as. Recomendo este aparelho a qualquer rapariga que também sofra de dores menstruais pois poderão finalmente dizer adeus aos comprimidos que nunca eliminam por completo as dores e poderão, também, voltar às suas rotinas diárias. Cumprimentos,


I’m in Canada, received my unit 2 weeks ago. It is worth the wait.

Tracey Tufnail

Really impressed at how well the gel pads stick, component quality and battery longevity. For concerned backers I received the extra gel pads as promised.

Tracey Tufnail

I just wanted to say thank you. It could not have come at a better time. My cramps are normally bad enough to send me to hospital. I don’t have to do that this time. I could cry.

Brittany Bryce

PRODUCT REVIEW: Received 5 days after status changed to shipping. No customs fee. U.K. Worked for mild-moderate pain and took the edge off the first worst day, but still needed pain killers when the pain got bad. The coloured device may only be visible under a sheer white fabric, but the FLASHING is visible through two layers of clothes! This will be unacceptable to some people. Overall the product was worth a try and will reduce reliance on pain killers.


Received the Livia last week (shipment to Germany). Had to pay 15.50€ declaration fee though. The package looks good. Similar to what you get when you get an iPhone.

Malte Lehmann

Finally have my Livia!!! The off switch for menstrual pain. So far it’s working well 😀 It is so much better than using up 1-2 boxes of ibuprofen every month xD Especially when at work I stand/walk 9-5 :L

Maria Kazmaly‎

I have gotten my Livia shortly after my last period so only got to try it today…first thing my period pain is excruciating. I need to skip work. Because of chronic conditions, I cannot take the pill, nor any other types of hormonal contraception. I cannot take anti-inflammatory meds except the one I was prescribed, which does not work. Also said chronic disease works in pair with period pain, so I am pretty much an atrocious heap of suffering for two days straight. The Livia was my very last hope, and it WORKS. I just can’t believe it. All these years of excruciating pain are finally over and I just want to cry. This is such a relief. I want to thank all of you for releasing this

Virginie Gaudreault

Received mine in Canada, and was able to use it for the first day of my period. I love it. I did not have to pay a customs fee, and the tracking number that I received was good for tracking through Canada post. It took about two weeks to get here.

Sophia Wilson

Dear other Backers, I received my Livia about 3 weeks ago (I live in Austria) and can assure you that it works!!I never had a period without painkillers (at least one pill every 3 hours in the first two days) and this period was the first period in my life where I was painkiller free!! (though it’s true that I was not completely pain free but for the first time in my life the pain was bearable) I’m so happy that I bought your product, Chen!

Susi Li

My Livia just arrived and is even better than I expected. I’ve used a TENS machine before and Livia is better in many ways – safer way to control intensity, discreet, easy to use – I was up and running within 1 min of unpacking it, high quality, well designed – I actually think it’d make a great gift. And yeah, it works!

Nina Addams‎

I’m never going anywhere without my Livia. Ever. I’ve found my new best friend. I can’t believe I can actually make it through a first day now! Thanks so much guys!

Teresa Punnett

I just want to say THANK YOU! My Livia arrived yesterday, the day before my period, I’m using it right now and it really makes a huge difference!! I’m so happy!!

Lissy Snook

hi there, I received my order last week, and was able to try it out today – worked great for me, thanks.

Kathleen Franks

My Livia arrived today! It seemed to have a full charge, so I stuck it on and fired it up (I have endometriosis, I always have cramps. No need to wait! ?)
So far, it’s great! I am loving the gentle sensation, just the right amount to provide some pain relief without being overwhelming).
From the bottom of my totally melo-dramatic, spas-tastic uterus, thank you so much for this amazing invention!

Katherine Clubine‎

P.S. I bought this for my daughter who suffers from HORRIBLE cramping and often misses 1-2 days of school per month from the pain. She used it yesterday for the first time and we were both amazed at how well it worked–Thank-you thank-you thank-you! This is a life changing product for her.

Bonnie Surette

I have endo and cramps and it’s always helps ! So much better than medicine

Hila Palatshi

An Open Thank-You Letter to Livia.

As someone who has been plagued by excruciating, day-ruining cramps for more than half my life, to say that I was skeptical of the Livia would be an understatement.
I’m a see-it-to-believe it kind of person who has tried everything from prescription medication to naturalistic remedies (and everything in between).
Watching friends and colleagues complain about their cramps and continue on life as normal made me seethe.
While I am calling in sick for work or running to reheat my rice-bag every 20 minutes and hiding it under my dress at work (yes, I’ve done that), I am constantly bombarded with tampon ads that show women playing soccer and laughing with friends.

This all leads back to the skeptical part, when I first saw advertisements on Facebook for the Livia my immediate reaction was, “yeah, ok”. But I kept seeing it; and not just in advertisements, it was now being mentioned in several blogs and websites I follow on a multitude of social networking sites.
I watched videos of women trying the device and their different body and period types were varying and it gave me a flicker of hope.

So I started reading into the science behind it, and doing that had me sold.
This was not the ‘snake oil’ type of phony money-grab you would see on some websites, it was a real product that real women were benefiting from.
So I ordered one.

Three days ago I got to use it for the first time and within minutes of using it I felt better.
I was not suddenly cured of all pain ready, to sing in the hills a la “Sound of Music”, but I was so much better.
I tucked it into my belt and went to work.
I didn’t take any medication because I wanted to see what this bad-boy could really do.
I had some minor pain here and there, but I was a fully-functioning member of society.
I wore it for 11 hours and felt great the whole time. 
When I got home from work I unplugged my Livia to charge it and within 15 minutes my horrendous cramps were back.
It actually gave me pause because it made me realize just how well the Livia had been working throughout the day.

This may not be the place to share this, but I wanted to say that in no uncertain terms this device has changed my life.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the Livia, and I wish you endless success.

Sidney May


I received my Livia in late February and I have been using ever since. It has been a major help to my usually debilitating pain. 
I just have a couple of questions regarding the lights on the device. 

-Are the lights supposed to flash red continuously during use?

 -When I plug the device in to charge it does not emit a light, is that normal? But If I turn the device on, it flashes and is in “use” mode. 

In the instructions it mentions it would emit colored bars and turn to green when fully charged. Sadly mine does not do this. My device only emits a red light when in use and continues to flash when turned “on”.

 If you would be able to clarify these issues it would be very much appreciated!

Thank you very much for your time.

Rachel S.

My girlfriend tried the Livia during her last period and it worked very well, no longer any need for pain killers!

Renzo Stheins

Im a backer from the indigogo campain. The livia is great. Thanks so much!


I bought Livia and I love it!


Gotten my livia today and tried it on my backache. Initially I was quite skeptical about this product, however after using it on my backache, I felt that the pain and ache instantly just went off! 
I thought it was my thinking so I tried to on and off a few times and whenever I off it, the aching came back.
When I try to on it, the aching feeling is gone! Almost instantly! Amazing product! 
Thanks livia!

Ying Ng

I got livia last week and thanks to the livia team for this amazing product… I was never able to got up for initial 10 hrs because of severe pain and never used to go to office on first day of my periods… But today I am happy, it worked for me… Its not like my pain has gone completely but it is way better than many other days… 🙂

Shafali Kaur